Work away from Noise with Different Forms

Work away from Noise with Different Forms

Fales Acoustic Solutions brand; It cares variety of forms by not using a single mold in its products. It is also very convenient in terms of ease of use.



Fales Acoustic Solutions eliminates the noise factor in collective work areas, large offices, cafeterias and places with high human circulation such as hospitals. These products, which can take different forms according to the wishes and desires of each brand and office, and are produced upon request, meet the buyer with 17 different color options. Fales, which has a very wide product range in terms of form diversity, varies in shape and form in line with demand and desire.


You can ask , we design it…


The brand that shapes its designs in line with customer demands; It produces by giving accurate and fast answers to the requests and meets the customer’s requests with great professionalism in every subject from product production to assembly.

Fales Acoustic Solutions brand, which aims to enable employees to work more easily and actively in places where there is silence away from noise, uses noise-eliminating felt material, which is 100% natural, in its products.


Acoustic felt products produced in different colors and designs add visual richness to your spaces.These noise-cancelling products, which also have an easy assembly feature, provide convenience in terms of hygiene where they are positioned with their easy-to-clean feature. These acoustic products, which are also non-flammable, are accessible in terms of price and can also be used in a decorative sense.


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