Offices Away From Noise With Fales Acoustic Solutions

Offices Away From Noise With Fales Acoustic Solutions

Fales Acoustic Solutions, which has a class A high sound absorption feature for each product; It creates noise-free areas in your work areas and offices.

Fales Acoustic Solutions, which provides accessible comfort with its easy assembly and easy positioning in the desired area, is your collaborator for your offices. With its acoustic products, it minimizes the noise factor that occurs in intense work tempo, while at the same time preventing the mixing of sounds.


Products that can be shaped according to the demands of the buyer in the area to be used with a variety of forms are produced in different colors and sizes using felt material. The felt material, which is suitable for nature, provides safe use in terms of non-flammability. At the same time, these hygienic, easy-to-clean products provide maximum benefit for the user.


Fales first visits the area to be located and determines needs while bringing its products together with the buyer. Then it makes the necessary planning and makes acoustic field measurements. After the measurements, acoustic felt products are selected in accordance with the requirement and competence. These products, which have different sound absorption activities according to the area where they are located, offer comfortable working time away from noise in the areas where they are used. Thus, office workers can work more comfortably in their work areas and concentrate on their work more easily.


we offer our solutions for office acoustic needs at high quality standards and offer permanent solutions to working efficiency as Fales acoustic solutions with our product variety and application experience in sound, noise and acoustic analysis, which is one of the most complained about by business world.


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