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Acoustics Consultancy

One of the many reasons for you to choose Fales is that it doesn’t only offer you the sales of the product, but participate in your experience from the beginning of the process till the end. The areas such as office spaces, meeting rooms, cafeteria etc. are presented to us as having the most intensive acoustic problems and waiting for solutions. Every space is evaluated separately in Fales. The area-specific acoustics is analyzed. Product assessments are carried out and the resulting report is submitted. Approximate benefits of the product locations are determined.

After completing the product placement within the respective space, it reports your acoustic experiences and measures your satisfaction.

Which Product?

Why Fales?

We started this adventure in 2002 as “Mod Tasarım” under the brand “Rubi By” with call center furniture and space solutions.

Working in open office environments subsequently caused problems we were not used to. The first problem to be solved was Acoustic problems. We worked with professional designers while finding solutions to problems. We have had various measurements performed in institutions to see the acoustic evaluations of the products we created and the degree of sound absorption. In order to ensure the correct quality of acoustic products located within a space, we aimed to create products in the most accurate criteria with continuous development, by carrying out P & D activities in addition to the R & D activities. We considered all technical aspects for these products used indoors, and tested the inflammability of the product as well, and worked to determine the response of the product in the event of a fire and the type of measures we need to take.

As the acoustics continued to grow professionally, it became necessary for us to create a new brand and demonstrate our expertise in this field and therefore FALES brand is created.

Fales carries out works to prevent noise in all areas that may be problematic such as in offices, meeting halls, corridors, waiting areas (lobby), multi-purpose halls, dining halls and classes. The process which starts with consulting ends with providing the product that the space needs.

Fales is trying to provide you the silence you’re looking for in your living spaces.


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